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We’re shedding light onto the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ food waste crisis and highlighting a brand doing big things to help us all do our part. 

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Delivery box of perfectly imperfect food from Imperfect Foods with fruits, veggies, and pantry items

Question: What is one way you reduce food waste in your household? 

Food waste has become a hot topic over the years, and rightly so. Currently, 40 PERCENT of food produced in the US goes uneaten. Of that, roughly 20 billion pounds is wasted each year on farms for not meeting buyer standards. Edible, nutritious, life-sustaining food. This, at a time when more than 35 million people struggle with hunger in America, including more than 10 million children. It’s time for change.

Stephen and I are making strides to reduce our own food waste and have aligned with companies on the same mission. Perhaps it took becoming parents to really bring our understanding of food waste (read: a combination of consumption, wearing and throwing) to a new level. We are purposeful with meal planning and consumption, and more mindful about where our food comes from. That’s why we were thrilled to learn about Imperfect Foods, who is giving new life to otherwise forgotten foods. The perfectly imperfect foods. Let’s first break down some common reasons that food goes to waste.

Why Waste?

There are several reasons why perfectly good food may never reach your shopping cart.

Looks 8, Taste 10 – Grocery stores want food that looks beautiful, identical, and blemish-free. Physical imperfections like scarring, sun bleaching, and odd shapes and sizes don’t make the cut.

Overhead shot of scarred and misshapen potatoes

Off Specifications – Buyers who purchase food have their own list of specifications. Physical imperfections, harvesting methods, and packaging can all lead to otherwise perfectly good food going to waste. Think: misshapen pasta, misplaced or outdated labels, or oversized produce.

Surplus Inventory – Overproduction, an oversaturated market, or buyers backing out of an order can leave farmers with excess inventory. Simply put, food without a home.

Overhead shot of Perfectly Imperfect Food produce

Updated Packaging – Companies rebrand and revise labels all the time! Unfortunately, this leaves now-outdated packages in the dust. Isn’t it what’s on the inside that really counts?

Short-Coding – Foods with nearing expirations are often rejected from grocery stores, even with good time (up to several months) left to go.

Overhead shot of Imperfect Foods pantry items

A Part of the Solution

This is where Imperfect Foods steps in. Imperfect makes the connection between these forgotten foods and new, loving homes. From securing produce straight on the farms, to partnering directly with brands, food is redistributed and given a new lease on life. Food goes from nearly wasted to delivered right to your front porch.

Woman and daughter sitting next to an Imperfect Foods delivery box
Everyone is excited on delivery day!

How It Works

Boxes are available for delivery on a weekly, bi-monthly, or as-needed basis. In other words, when you need it, you can receive it. Produce is available both organically and conventionally grown, and sourced as local to your region as possible. Want to talk freshness? Fruits and vegetables are harvested just days before you receive it, often obtained right on the farms themselves. Something that can’t always be said for grocery store produce.

Overhead shot of fresh herbs

While known primarily for produce, Imperfect also carries everyday pantry items like canned vegetables, grains, pasta, cooking oils and spices, as well as baked goods, dairy, eggs, fish, meat and poultry. You can also find fun foods like chocolate truffles, chips, oat milk, kombucha, and cold brew coffee. Prices are competitive and popular brand name items often come with a few dollars savings.

Buy Only What You Need

Boxes are 100% customizable. Buy what you need, nothing that you don’t. Just produce? You got it. 10 cases of sparkling water for a block party? It’s yours. Need to skip a week? Say no more.

A Perfect Pair

Now thru December, we’ll be sharing recipes from our bi-monthly deliveries AND giving you a chance to win your very own box (head to Instagram for details)! For full delivery “unboxings” head to our Instagram page highlights to see the variety of items available to order.

Want to try your own box? Click here and or use promo code “compstonkitchen” to save $10 off your first delivery.

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